Congressman Yarmuth believes that healthcare is a right and that we have a moral obligation to ensure every American has access to quality, affordable care. These beliefs led the Congressman to work with President Obama and House Democrats to craft and enact the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This landmark law ended pre-existing condition discrimination, and also eliminated annual and lifetime caps on benefits. It allows individuals to stay on their parents health plan until they are 26 and has helped millions of Americans gain access to health coverage, many for the first time. Kentucky has been a national model for the successful implementation of the ACA, with more than 500,000 Kentuckians accessing coverage through the program. Much of that progress is in jeopardy as Governor Bevin has dismantled our state exchange, kynect, and is now trying to terminate Medicaid coverage for 440,000 Kentucky residents. Congressman Yarmuth strongly opposes Governor Bevin’s short-sighted, politically motivated plans to dismantle the progress we have made and will continue to fight them every step of the way.