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Congressman Yarmuth has led the charge in Washington to bring jobs back to Louisville. He championed federal incentives that Ford used to retool its plant in Louisville, resulting in more than 3,000 new jobs for our community. And he worked to enact legislation that provides manufacturers with tax credits for energy-efficient appliances, leading GE to bring product lines back to Appliance Park from Mexico and China, and creating hundreds of new Louisville jobs.


Since his first days in Washington, Congressman Yarmuth has worked hard to give every American the opportunity to pursue a world-class education. As a member of the House Education and Labor Committee during the 111th Congress, his leadership on education reform led to numerous distinctions, including “Outstanding New Member of Congress” from the Committee for Education Funding (the largest nonpartisan education organization in the country) and "Best Legislator" from the Kentucky Reading Association.


As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Congressman Yarmuth is working for a more balanced energy policy that maximizes our domestic energy resources – especially clean and renewable energy sources – and promotes conservation. For the sake of our national security, he believes we cannot afford to rely on foreign sources of energy, and for the sake of our environment, we must end our dependence on resources that contribute to climate change.


Congressman Yarmuth is a strong advocate for our nation's seniors, fighting for their safety, health care, and financial security.

He believes improving and preserving Medicare is crucial to protecting our seniors and strongly supports the Affordable Care Act, which extended the life of Medicare to 2024 - and is already significantly lowering costs and strengthening care for more than 84,000 Louisville seniors.


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Congressman Yarmuth believes strongly that the United States should be as committed to our heroes in uniform as they are to us. He understands the great sacrifice our service members and their families make on a daily basis to protect us at home and abroad, and he is dedicated to seeing that they receive every benefit they were promised and have more than earned.