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As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Congressman Yarmuth is working for a more balanced energy policy that maximizes our domestic energy resources – especially clean and renewable energy sources – and promotes conservation. For the sake of our national security, he believes we cannot afford to rely on foreign sources of energy, and for the sake of our environment, we must end our dependence on resources that contribute to climate change.

He has championed legislation that is making historic investments in new energy-efficient technologies, reducing emissions, and moving our nation toward a greater state of energy independence. He supported a $5.9 billion loan that allowed Ford to retool its Louisville plants, hire hundreds of workers, and build fuel-efficient cars and trucks.  And he helped enact legislation that provides manufacturers with tax credits for energy-efficient appliances, leading GE to bring product lines back to Appliance Park from Mexico and China, resulting in more than 1,000 new Louisville jobs.

Concerned by the growing evidence of elevated health risks for people in communities near mountaintop removal mining operations, Congressman Yarmuth introduced the Appalachian Community Health Emergency Act. This legislation would require the government to perform the first federal study of the impact of mountaintop removal mining on public health and to certify the practice is safe before allowing this type of mining to continue.

While Congressman Yarmuth continues his work to ease the burden of high energy prices, he also believes the long-term solution to our energy problems will come from technological advancements of clean and renewable sources of energy. That is why he remains committed to investing in the innovation that will ensure America leads the world to a more sustainable energy future.