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Since his first days in Washington, Congressman Yarmuth has worked hard to give every American the opportunity to pursue a world-class education. As a member of the House Education and Labor Committee during the 111th Congress, his leadership on education reform led to numerous distinctions, including “Outstanding New Member of Congress” from the Committee for Education Funding (the largest nonpartisan education organization in the country) and "Best Legislator" from the Kentucky Reading Association.

A vocal opponent of the current No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law, Congressman Yarmuth continues to work to improve our K-12 education system. He has called on Congressional  Leadership to replace the punitive structure of NCLB with positive goals that reward success and provide professional development and support to help turn around struggling schools.

Congressman Yarmuth has also introduced comprehensive literacy legislation to ensure all children are reading at grade level, and he has taken the lead on several important teacher quality initiatives.

Congressman Yarmuth has worked diligently to make college more affordable, helping enact the largest investment in higher education funding since the G.I. Bill — at no new cost to taxpayers. He championed initiatives to cut student loan interest rates in half, raise the federal Pell Grant by more than $1,000, and ensure no college graduate ever has to pay more than 15 percent of his or her income on student loan debt.

Understanding that there is no greater investment in the future of our country than building a world-class education system, Congressman Yarmuth’s goal is to give every family the chance to pursue the American dream and to ensure our nation's workforce remains the most educated in the world.